Cool Wave

Cool Wave

When it comes to the Autumn, it’s a time to stop gardening, clean up and try and adapt to a bare and boring garden right? Wrong. Cool Wave is just starting out in the Autumn and can colour your garden throughout the Autumn, survive the coldest of Winters, (-25) and is the first to bring life back to the garden when the temperatures rise during early spring. Cool Wave then lasts through to the middle of Summer! Amazing.

Cool Wave is an answer to your Autumn woes! It brings Easy Spreading Colour to your garden at a time of year when it is most needed. So we say bring in Cool Wave to replace your baskets, pots and ground cover during Autumn. But wait! Cool Wave also lasts through the winter to bring you Easy Spreading Colour as soon as the weather begins to warm up for the start of spring. Then the colour can last as far as the middle of Summer! Easy Spreading Colour for three seasons of the year!

Create beautiful hanging baskets, or introduce a striking presence into the garden, veranda or balcony. With unparalleled flower power.

Cool Wave is an excellent choice for containers, baskets or in-ground beds. Will overwinter to -25°C - in cold climates, mulch over Winter to provide added protection.

Cool Wave is available in Yellow, White, Frost, Purple and Violet Wing and is also available as a Mixture with the colour Lemon included.