New store locator is good news for retailers

Uploaded on 01-02-2013

A new online store locator is a big hit with retailers who are looking to attract further customers through the success of new Cool Wave Pansies.

The website has recently been given a new look and added the store locator as part of the site. Retailers can upload their details and location so that consumers can easily find out where to find and buy Wave products where they live, like new Cool Wave Pansies for example.

PanAmerican Seed, who are the creators of the website, are very pleased with the way things are progressing with the development of the new look website.

Marketing manager for PanAmerican Seed, Jeroen W. Ravensbergen said: “Growers and retailers will all benefit not only from the new store locator but also the wave-rave website as a whole.It is well structured and we have spent a lot of time making sure that it is useable by growers, retailers and consumers alike – there is something for everyone.” took little under three months to put together thanks to a central management system (CMS) which is proving very efficient.

Marketing Manager Ravensbergen continued: “Through one management system we are able to manage content, not only for the website, but for other platforms like Facebook. Our own QR code generator allows us to develop very targeted, local activities and leads people exactly  to the information they need.

“The Wave website has been redesigned since the introduction of our new product, Cool Wave trailing pansies. Cool Wave is an ideal product for Europe as it can be planted in the Autumn, survives the extremes of our European harsh winters and begins to re-flower and grow within days of the weather becoming warmer. Cool Wave can also be planted in the Spring with equal success. We decided with this addition to the Wave line of products, that they deserved a better website compared with what was already existing and so came up with the new look website which is more user friendly and caters for all angles of the industry.

“From the main landing page at the user is able to select from currently five languages or regions and then depending what type of user they are for example grower, retailer or consumer, they can find out about information that is relevant to them.”

“For example: Growers can find the latest cultural advice for growing Wave products, retailers will be interested to read about the latest Wave point-of-sale promotional materials and consumers can find out about how to get the best out of their Wave products when they are in the garden.”

The new store locator is live now! To add your location as a Wave product stockist visit:

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