Taspo nominates Cool Wave Pansies

Uploaded on 13-11-2012

One of Germany’s leading trade magazines Taspo has nominated Cool Wave for the magazine’s annual breeder award. The all new Cool Wave is the first and only large flowered, spreading pansy currently on the market. It is the result of years of hard work by Troy Thorup, breeder with PanAmerican Seed, who envisioned creating Cool Wave after having seen so many empty hanging baskets in fall and winter. A Wave for winter in fact, Cool Wave is literally following in the footsteps of its summer equivalent Wave Petunia and hence its name. Whether Cool Wave will win the award is to be announced during the awards ceremony in Berlin, Germany on November 23rd.

The spreading habit of Cool Wave is a convincing trait that makes Cool Wave ideal for hanging baskets and containers. Where standard pansies grow upright, Cool Wave truly covers baskets and containers with numerous large flowers, trailing up to 75 cm over time. When Cool Wave is grown for fall, it provides an almost unique opportunity to create or extend fall colour in the garden. Cool Wave then continues to flower well into the winter, withstanding early frost. It will overwinter under conditions up to -25˚C to come back in early spring when the weather starts to warm up, with even more flower power. Cool Wave grown for spring fills baskets and containers with flowers as early as when bulbs and shrubs show first color in patios and gardens.

Cool Wave is easy to produce as it is grown under the same conditions as standard, upright pansies. They are well suited for larger pots, should be grown with fewer plants per container or basket and require less growth regulators. Cool Wave adds a new dimension to planting pansies in the garden. Cool Wave is available in four colours and more colours will come each year.

With Cool Wave, consumers can welcome a new, valuable introduction to the gardens that provide more colour in a time when hardly any flowers are found in the garden, except for regular pansy and viola’s.

Consumer gardening
PanAmerican Seed decided to launch Cool Wave with a full marketing program that makes consumers aware of the unique spreading habit, flower power and overwintering capacity of Cool Wave. From regular standard labels to explicate presentations in the garden center, it has been made available to help consumers understand the beauty of this unique product. A media campaign, using todays favourable communication channels such as Facebook and Twitter, help create a consumer platform to share experiences with the revolutionary Cool Wave, post pictures and share ideas.

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