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Uploaded on 02-08-2013

Ever asked your neighbour what he or she thinks of your Cool Wave Pansies? We don’t mean your colleagues, customers or partners – but people you know outside of the industry. The chances are that the everyday person has never heard of the added value that Cool Wave Pansies can bring to their garden - more flowers, more trail, more tolerance. The more that know, the more sales that are made.

Word of mouth
One year after introduction a lot of people in the industry know how good Cool Wave Pansies are. In fact a lot of people in the industry are raving about how well they have performed in their own back yard. So why not share this message? We live in a world where everything is shared through platforms like facebook and twitter. What you had for dinner last night, where you are checking in today and so on. So we ask and encourage you to please ‘’share’’ the good news about Cool Wave and the 'added value' that it has to offer.

The need to appear different from your competition and to stand out in a crowded business environment is crucial. Cool Wave can be that difference. With innovative cost-efficient marketing concepts, forward thinking media ideas and the best breeding company in the world to back it up, you can’t go wrong. This is added value you simply cannot ignore.

Sometimes new products and campaigns can be a little unsettling, but Cool Wave is simple – the hard work has been done for you, your customer and their customer too! Hard work that results in success for the whole chain. 

The introduction of a new product successfully takes several years. This period of time is needed to build the reputation of the product and to encourage people to experience the product and to come back in the next season. This also applies to Cool Wave Pansies. Cool Wave is being promoted at every angle possible: Facebook, Twitter, Consumer gardening shows, internet. The list is still growing and will get bigger and wider. The opportunity exists for you to also take part. Think of the possibilities to link to Cool Wave, register at the online store finder, and link to the local facebook page.


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