Rob Verlinden on the road with Cool Wave Pansies

Uploaded on 24-03-2014

None other than Rob Verlinden, well-known Dutch tv-gardener, recently helped garden centre Groenrijk Hans Menken in The Netherlands to celebrate its 25th anniversary. During his show Rob wowed the audience by creating and giving away combination planters using Cool Wave Pansies.

Rob has tried Cool Wave for himself and is very enthusiastic about how large Cool Wave plants grow, spread and hang and how full of flowers each plant becomes so that the result is that when you combine 3 plants in a hanging basket what you get is a ball of beautiful smelling pansies. Cool Wave Pansies can spread up to 75 cm per plant and produce a mass of large scented flowers.

New colours

During the demonstration, Rob combined yellow and white Cool Wave plants in mixed combinations and also worked with a fantastic new colour: Blueberry Swirl, which is a soft lemon coloured flower and holds a blue cap to every flower. 

Find Cool Wave near you

Cool Wave Pansies are now freely available, request details from your local garden centre or visit the store locator to find your local retailer. For easy care tips see the 'how-to' sections of the Wave website or take a look at our Facebook pages.

An impression of the show at Groenrijk Hans Menken





























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