New colours of Cool Wave coming soon

Uploaded on 05-12-2014

Two new colours of Cool Wave pansies have been bred to provide even more colour in the gardens during the Autumn and early Spring. New Cool Wave Blue Skies and Lemon Surprise are both new additions to the, already available, wide range of Cool Wave colours in this fantastic spreading and trailing pansy series. With these two new additions, Cool Wave Pansies are now available in 12 fantastic trailing colours!


Blue Skies is a mid-blue introduction, where colder temperatures will produce deeper blue flowers and warmer temperatures will produce a slightly lighter blue flowers with a larger yellow centre.

Cool Wave Lemon Surprise

Lemon Surprise is so named due to 3% of plants producing the occasional purple capped flowers – something to watch out for in this fantastically fragrant variety.

Both Blue Skies and Lemon Surprise come with the Cool Wave promises of superior overwintering and an un-rivalled spreading and trailing habit.

Are you a  grower of Cool Wave? Cool Wave Blue Skies and Lemon Surprise will be available soon. Please contact your preferred supplier for young plant availability.

These pansies are a decorator’s dream – versatile, colourful and long-lasting! 

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