More than a standard pansy

Uploaded on 01-08-2013

The Wave team has been very busy this past year promoting Cool Wave Pansies. A lot of promotional awareness work has been done through Facebook and Pinterest. From these social media platforms the consumer has been able to gain an experience of Cool Wave Pansies, generate ideas, and scroll through photographs for further inspiration.  

Cool Wave Pansies have now been available for over a year and it is interesting to see what the enthusiastic gardener makes of this new product through our online community. Many people have commented how happy and beautiful they find Cool Wave Pansies to be. The diverse colour range are described as downright gorgeous and so they frequently occupy pride of place in the garden.

Cool Wave has had literally thousands of responses to posts on Facebook and these posts and pictures have been shared by people dozens of times through this social media platform, one of the most popular posts was even seen by over 100,000 people!

Over the last 12 months the Wave team has given out a lot of Cool Wave as presents through the various gardening events we have been to. So far here are the reactions: ‘’Cool Wave is far more than a standard pansy.” “Cool Wave gave me the feeling of spring in the autumn.” “Cool Wave put a smile on my face.”

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