The Spring is coming!

Uploaded on 12-02-2014

Lighter days and increased temperatures means only one thing – the spring is coming! Slowly but surely your early spring garden plants will be waking up from the call of spring and coming out into flower, and there’s nothing more spring-like and early, than beautiful Cool Wave Pansies!

What is nicer than putting the dark days of winter behind you and get back out into the garden to tidy up and putting things straight after a blustery and storm ridden winter? Once your garden is tidied up spik and span, then there’s nothing quicker than going and buying some Cool Wave Pansies to add colour to your garden this early in the season, and which can satisfy you throughout the spring and until summer.

Early and strong
Pansies are full of strength for the colder periods of the spring and can easily survive frosty nights. Cool Wave Pansies are the strongest of all pansies and tests have shown that they can survive, grow and re-flower after temperatures as low as -25°C ! Therefore Cool Wave Pansies are your perfect choice for the early spring cold weather.

Did you know that Cool Wave Pansies have their own website and Facebook pages? Why not follow them on Facebook and keep up-to-date on the development of new colours plus growing hints and tips.

Where can I find Cool Wave Pansies?
There is always a store nearby where you can find Cool Wave. But if you are unsure on where they are sold, check out the store locator on the Cool Wave website or ask your local garden centre or gardening mail order company If they know Cool Wave Pansies. 

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