Father and daughter ride the Cool Wave

Uploaded on 01-10-2012

A father and daughter from the Netherlands have been surfing a different kind of wave this Summer – a Cool Wave of Pansies.

PanAmerican Seed Marketing Manager Jeroen W. Ravensbergen (44) and his daughter Judith (20) have been working hard throughout the summer to ensure that consumers get a taste of new Cool Wave Pansies when they arrive in stores in under three weeks’ time ready for the beginning of the of the Autumn season.

Their promotional work culminates from over five years hard work from developers, PanAmerican Seed, to breed a floriferous trailing and spreading large-flowered Pansy that lasts over the winter and is quick to come back in the Spring. New Cool Wave – which comes in four colours – is the answer to all these trials, and the Ravensbergen household is full of it.

Father-of-three Jeroen said: “Our whole house has caught the Cool Wave fever and, it’s a bit sad to admit it, but when I recently turned 44, my wife and daughters decided to decorate the house in Cool Wave streamers!

“Cool Wave Pansies are grown from seed and the product is so vigorous that each plant can spread up to 75cm and you only require nine plants to cover a square metre compared to 24 regular type pansies for the same sized area. Cool Wave is ideal for hanging baskets, pots and garden beds. It’s easy to look after and provides the garden with colour during the dull days of Autumn. Cool Wave has large flowers and can also survive the hardest of winters handling temperatures as low as -25°C!”

According to PanAmerican Seed, Cool Wave has really caught the imagination of people across Europe and they have had requests for Cool Wave from as far east as Russia and as far south as Italy. The Cool Wave seems to be spreading fast and in the first year, sales of Cool Wave seed have exceeded predictions. Early reports suggest that it could be the most successful product in the companies’ history.

Judith Ravensbergen who is reading for a degree in Leisure Studies with NHTV Breda University said: “I’m really enjoying working on the Cool Wave project and it has really inspired my imagination on how ornamental plants can bring smiles to people’s faces.

“We recently held a colouring competition for children who visited a local Intratuin store and took home a Cool Wave Pansy hanging basket and were overwhelmed with responses from the children. This demonstrates that flowers have no barriers, and that they can bring happiness to everyone.”

In addition to this feedback from the younger generation, in a recent consumer growing test – which took place in 100 gardens across the Netherlands with a leading Dutch gardening magazine – 91% said that they would definitely purchase new Cool Wave Pansies as a gift for someone.

The developers of Cool Wave Pansies are promoting the product as ‘Easy Spreading Colour’ and have produced a full consumer interaction campaign to go with it, which includes Facebook pages in four languages, and an interactive website.

Cool Wave Pansies go on sale for the autumn with leading garden centres across Europe and are encouraging shoppers to give Autumn a touch of Spring and plant out Cool Wave Pansies in hanging baskets, pots and in garden beds. Cool Wave Pansies can be bought in Yellow, White, Frost, Violet Wing and as a Mixture.

To find out more visit www.wave-rave.eu or ‘like’ Cool Wave on Facebook

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