Easy Wave Petunias just got easier

Uploaded on 05-12-2014

Two new Easy Wave spreading petunia colours in time for the summer sales!

Both Pink Passion and Silver will soon be on the market to make your garden more beautiful during the summer months.

Pink Passion is a gorgeous mid-pink colour with a dark rose eye, while new stunning Silver holds soft white flowers with blue-purple veins. Both these new varieties have the well-known mounding and spreading habit of all other Easy Wave spreading petunias.

Easy Wave Petunias are ideal for baskets, containers and bedding use and can spread and trail up to 90cm per plant and will colour your garden all summer long. Amazingly Easy Wave Petunias are available in a fantastic 15 individual colours plus ten different combined mixture styles to suit all tastes.

Are you a grower of Wave Petunias? Don’t hesitate to contact your preferred supplier for seed and young plants.

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