Cool Wave wins Taspo Award

Uploaded on 12-11-2013

The spreading pansy, Cool Wave Golden Yellow has been crowned Best Bred Product for 2013 at the recently held TASPO Awards in Berlin, Germany.

Since the introduction eight years ago, the Taspo Awards have quickly become a benchmark industry awards ceremony in horticulture. The awards are presented annually in various classes and even being nominated is an honour, let alone to win. Each award recognizes companies, concepts or products for outstanding performance and innovation. Last year, in the introduction year, the first Cool Wave colours were already nominated. This year the new Cool Wave Golden Yellow won the award for the best new breed of 2013.

Cool Wave pansies are unique because of their truly trailing habit, strong overwintering performance and long lasting flower power. While Cool Wave has become the benchmark for trailing pansies, the variety Cool Wave Golden Yellow is the new model for the series with a well branched, trailing habit, larger flowers and a deeper colour. This variety was introduced together with Cool Wave Purple, broadening the series to six separate fantastic colours, all of them guaranteed to deliver results for every gardener.  

Breeders of Cool Wave Pansies, PanAmerican Seed, are overjoyed to have received such an honourable award. Marketing manager Jeroen W. Ravensbergen was at the TASPO awards ceremony: “This award recognizes the fabulous performance of Cool Wave, and it proves once again that gardeners are right to ask for this product by name.”

Pansies are desirable products and almost every gardener loves to buy pansies in the autumn and spring. Trailing pansies have put an end to baskets and containers that stay empty after the summer. They continue to bring colour to the garden as the autumn progresses. While standard pansies grow upright, Cool Wave trailing pansies cover baskets and containers until the frost sets in. Yet they return quickly with a new abundance of flowers as soon as the frost disappears.

Cool Wave Pansies were launched in 2012 and since PanAmerican Seed has introduced two individual colours every year. Marketing manager Jeroen added: “PanAmerican Seed is on track to deliver you more colours in the near future. Growers all over Europe have already received samples and next fall these new colours will be widely available in stores. We suggest people to remain in contact through our regular updates so that you can be the first to know about the bright new colours for Cool Wave Pansies.”

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