Cool Wave provides colour to Dutch bulb fields

Uploaded on 20-03-2013

New Cool Wave Pansies are providing a touch of early colour to the currently bare, Dutch bulb fields. Cyclists and walkers will be nicely surprised when they come by several local resting places near the Keukenhof area to find large pots of beautiful Cool Wave Pansies to greet them.

So this spring, whilst waiting for some colour to come from the flower bulb field, people can already enjoy Cool Wave Pansies. But not only are Cool Wave Pansies early, they are also the most trailing pansy and the most floriferous – perfect for hanging baskets, pots or for in garden beds as ground cover. Cool Wave is already very popular on the internet, and word is spreading fast - through Facebook and its own website - that Cool Wave is worth trying. Take a look for yourself at or

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