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Uploaded on 12-11-2013

Are you on Facebook? No..? Yes, all the time..? No matter what your answer it is easy to join the Wave® Facebook community. Post your Wave photographs on our Facebook pages and be part of the growing community around our unique trailing pansies and petunias. Engage in the conversation and let people know that you too like Wave. And before you know it you will meet your Facebook friends in your local store!

For over a century, Pansies have been a gardener’s favourite product. A beloved subject of paintings. When one compares the antique pictures of pansies with the new and modern Cool Wave trailing pansies, it’s easy to see the enormous development that pansies have undergone in all these years of breeding. More colours and more flowers than ever before on better plants that easily overwinter. But what has not changed is the popularity of the pansy flowers in its many colours and hence you have an explanation why Cool Wave Pansies are so popular on Facebook. Every picture is certain to be liked and commented on, providing a touch of happiness on a daily basis.

But the active Facebook pages do more than just show pictures. Keen Facebook gardeners that follow the pages are regularly informed about the newest developments in Wave, receive our growing advice and can find out where to buy through the special store locator. Posts and questions about Wave and Cool Wave are answered by the Wave team, creating a conversation that helps everyone in the community find out more about the product. Then sharing the results of Wave growing in your own garden on Facebook is a perfect ending until the next time. 

The Wave Facebook Fan pages can be found in different languages. There are already active communities in German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and English. There is also an international page in English. But the lovely images posted on our Facebook pages often do not require any words at all because they leave viewers speechless. That is the beauty of Wave pansies and petunias. Why not make a Facebook friend with Cool Wave? And ‘Like’ Cool Wave Pansies now!

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