• Did you know Wave® is on Facebook?

    Uploaded on 12-11-2013

    Are you on Facebook? No..? Yes, all the time..? No matter what your answer it is easy to join the Wave® Facebook community. Post your Wave photographs on our Facebook pages and be part of the growing community around our unique trailing pansies and petunias. Engage in the conversation and let people know that you too like Wave. And before you know it you will meet your Facebook friends in your local store! For over a century, Pansies have been a gardener’s favourite product. A beloved subject...

  • Cool Wave Pansies are on their way!

    Uploaded on 04-12-2012

    Slowly but surely autumn is disappearing and giving way to the winter. About two weeks later than in other years, the last leaves of the trees have fallen and the first snow has already hit the ground . We are ready for winter, but I wonder how Cool Wave Pansies are performing? This autumn the first Cool Wave Pansies on offer were sold. The unique appearance, many flowers and the hardiness are to many, still unknown. We know that Cool Wave has been tested all over the world and that it is winter...