A one stop webshop

A one stop webshop

With the new look Wave® webshop, you can now put the pain of finding the correct marketing support behind you. To make ordering of Wave promotion materials easier, PanAmerican Seed has launched a new and very user-friendly web shop. There, you will find all the popular promotional products for Wave and Cool Wave to support your sales. And since consumers are asking in the stores and online for Wave products by name - using these marketing tools will increase your sales. So take a look by clicking here.

The introduction of Cool Wave Pansies is supported by a strong marketing campaign to make people aware of the added value of this unique trailing pansy. A broad collection of supporting materials for Cool Wave is already made available and contains - amongst others - containers, premium labels, basket collars and promotional towers, for effective retail displays. The attractive design of every element of the campaign is designed with the garden center’s female shopper in in mind.

What will you find there?
PanAmerican Seed is working together with leading producers of marketing materials. This close cooperation ensures that prices are kept to a minimum and the minimum order volume is low. Marketing materials could already be ordered with your seed or plug order depending on your supplier and can also be ordered directly from your supplier of pots and marketing materials. The new web shop provides an easy third option to find your marketing support materials. You can read a complete description of all the materials at the Wave website <link>

Free participation and no license
Participating to any Wave® promotion is open to everyone and does not require paying royalties or license fees. The use of the brand is exclusively to be used for Wave® products only, this is so that the consumer can trust she receives the performance of a Wave product when they buy the product. The cost of the actual marketing materials is kept as low as possible and with the reduced input cost of plant material, the net cost to participate in the programme is very cost efficient. Research shows consumers are more likely to pick up a branded product in store than a regular ‘unbranded’ one. And in addition, when Wave has been bought once, gardeners will definitely come back looking for more Wave products in the future.

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